Small Problems With Your Garage Door That Need To Be Repaired

Garage door problems happen all the time, and it's important to contact garage door repair services when there are changes to how your garage door is working. Small bends in the track, loose tension springs, or an opener starting to fail, can all cause your garage door to perform poorly. If you ignore small issues, these are only going to get bigger over time. You'll end up with a garage door that doesn't work which becomes an inconvenience when you are trying to enter or leave your garage. If you notice problems with your garage door opening and closing, get the support you need from a garage door specialist. 

The Door Changes Direction Mid Use

If your garage door suddenly changes directions, this can be a problem with the garage door tracks. Sometimes a small bit of debris gets into the tracks or the wheels, causing the door to change direction. If your wheels and tracks are clean, there could be a slight bend in your tracks. The motion of the garage door opening and closing causes a vibration that causes track brackets to become loose. If a track gets too bent, you will need to repair or replace your garage door tracks so that the door can function properly.

Tension Springs Are Loose

A number of signs indicate that your tension springs are loose. They need to be replaced after a few years but can get loose with frequent use sooner than that. If the garage door does not stay in the open position easily, the springs are likely loose. When the door can't open easily, and the opener is straining, this can mean the springs are loose. If a tension spring suddenly snaps, the door is going to slam to the ground, if it is open.

It is important that you don't try to deal with tension springs on your own. They can snap when you adjust them, and you can get seriously hurt when this occurs. Small problems with your tracks may not require professional help, but get the repair services you need if you can't figure out what is wrong.

Pay attention to how your garage door functions, and call for a repair when you notice issues. Letting the opener work too hard because of loose tension springs will shorten the life span of the opener. When you ignore small issues, they are only going to get bigger over time.

Contact a local garage door repair service, such as Smooth Operator Garage Doors LLC, to learn more.