Why Insulating Your Garage Door Is A Vital Step In Garage Door Installation

When installing a new garage door, many people forget about insulating it.  In winter, frigid winds and heavy snow can make your garage feel like an ice box.  Conversely, in the summer, un-insulated garage doors can turn the garage into a sauna.  When installing a new garage door, it's vital to add insulation to protect against extreme cold and heat, block moisture, and save on energy bills.  Follow these steps to insulate your garage quickly and easily.   

Measure your door

Before you head out to the hardware store, make sure to measure the garage door panels. Measure on the inside of the door, as that is where you will be placing the insulation.

Choose the right insulation

Garage door insulation comes in a variety of types and sizes.  One type that is the most common and easiest to install is reflective foil insulation.  This insulation is made of polyurethane foam which is covered with reflective foil on each side.  It is highly flexible so it's easy to cut and install.

The more rigid and thicker type of insulation is polystyrene foam insulation.  It provides increased insulation for very cold climates.  For a do-it-yourself job, it can be harder to cut and install due to its stiffness.  It comes in large sheets, so you will have to do quite a bit of cutting. 

Installing the insulation

Use a sharp utility knife to slowly cut the insulation to size.  Cut the insulation outside when winds are calm to contain the mess.  When cutting, try to stay on the larger side, as there's no way to save a panel that's too small.  Now, put the panel into the panel cavity.  You can either tuck the insulation into the frame of the garage door or use aluminum tape to affix the insulation to the face of the garage door.


Garage door insulation kits are a convenient option that comes with precut panel boards.  You still have to cut to size, either along the length or width to fit your type of garage door.

Each kit only covers one garage door so if you have a two or three car garage, buy the right amount of kits.

It's important to double-check your panel measurements to not waste insulation.  The panel has to be cut exactly to size.

Don't forget to insulate your new garage door.  Insulating your garage door will make sure that your garage stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Follow the steps above to enjoy your garage all year long.

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