Choose From These 4 Garage Door Styles

If your current garage door has loose or damaged parts, or you need to replace the entire door, it might be time to think about a different style of door. The following four garage door styles are among the most popular ones to choose from.


Naturally, the first style of garage door is a traditional style. These still look beautiful and work on many types of homes. They work on European house styles, such as Spanish, Tudor and French Country, as well as American house styles like Craftsman, Victorian, Ranch, and Colonial. Traditional garage doors usually swing out and may be manual or electric. They are often made of different materials, though the classic door of this style is made of wood. Traditional garage doors can have any type of hardware and decorative elements, including windows.


The raised-panel garage doors are becoming the new standard for homes and are often found used by many commercial buildings as well. Raised-panel doors slide up and are almost always electric garage doors. The material of raised-panel doors is usually a type of vinyl, aluminum, or metal. They are often made of materials that are meant to withstand quite a lot of use, and are ideal for different weather conditions.


Carriage garage doors are made to look like regular doors, but are larger and wider, allowing you entrance into your garage. They are most often seen on old-fashioned houses like carriage houses, but you can also use them on a more contemporary or traditional home. Most carriage garage doors will swing open, though manufacturers are now making raised-panel carriage doors that slide up. Since they are made to look like real doors, the majority of the carriage-style garage doors are made of wood or wood-like materials.


Lastly, you have the contemporary garage doors. This style is for modern and contemporary homes. They may slide up or swing open, depending on your preference. Contemporary doors have a lot of variety, including different sizes, decorative elements, and materials. Some include tempered glass panels to be used as windows. Many contemporary doors are made of aluminum or vinyl, though you can also find them in wood. Contemporary garage doors rely on straight lines and sleek styles, so they are rarely used on old-fashioned or Victorian-style homes.

While these are not the only styles of garage doors, they are the ones you will see most often. For more information, contact Overhead Door Of Akron or a similar company.