Why You Should Consider Installing Hollow Steel Doors in Your Building

Hollow steel doors are an excellent choice for your commercial building. They offer several advantages over doors made of other materials, and they look good too. Here are some of the reasons you should think about installing these doors.

Enhanced Security

Steel doors offer some of the best security you can get. This is important for your commercial operation. You can have peace of mind the doors will protect your building against intruders as well as possible. Steel is so strong, it can't be kicked in or chipped apart like wood. When combined with a state-of-the-art locking mechanism, a hollow steel door will be nearly impossible for an intruder to breach.

Fire Protection

Steel is fire resistant. You may be required by local regulations to have fire resistant doors in your building. Steel doors are ideal for this purpose. They can help protect your inventory if a fire breaks out in your building. The fire may not be able to spread as quickly if the steel doors are able to contain it in a single room until the fire department can respond.

Low Maintenance

Another great benefit of installing steel doors is you don't have to do a lot of work to maintain them. Since they are not painted, you'll never have to worry about dirty, faded, or peeling paint. The doors never need to be stained, painted, or treated at all. They are not subject to decay, mold, or destruction by termites. The only thing you'll have to do is clean the doors periodically if they get dirty from people kicking them open with boots or industrial carts.

Wide Variety

Hollow steel doors have several commercial applications. You can use these as interior and exterior doors. You can even install them as garage doors or overhead doors. If you use them for interior doors, you may want to buy doors with textures or colors that match the paint or furniture in the room. Since these doors are constructed of two sheets of steel with space between, you can also buy them with varying degrees of insulation. You may want to buy exterior doors rated for high energy efficiency, so you can save money on your power bills.

You'll find many uses for steel doors in your commercial operation from overhead doors in loading areas, to security doors in inventory areas, and as privacy doors in the office area. They are versatile enough to be visually pleasing from the street on a garage or entrance door, and they're tough enough to protect the isolated parts of your building from intruders. For more information, talk to a professional like AR-BE Garage Doors and Openers.