Don’t Let an Overhead Storage System Damage Your Garage Door

If you're like most homeowners, storage space in your garage is probably limited. Finding secure areas to store all your belongings requires a little creativity on your part. A common idea is to install storage units on the ceiling, just above the garage door track. When done right, this is a smart option, but if not, this can lead to costly garage door and property damage. If you're thinking of installing an overhead storage unit in your garage, make certain you know what to consider.


The first thing you want to consider is the amount of space you have to install the storage unit. A common mistake many people make is measuring the space between the track and ceiling when their garage door is in the closed position. However, you want to take this measurement when the door is open. The reason for this is that you need to account for any loss of space that the garage door will cause as it goes along the track.

If you fail to do this, you run the risk of the garage door hitting the bottom of the storage rack each time it goes along the track. This doesn't just come with the risk of the door getting jammed, but the constant friction could cause the track to loosen, eventually causing the door to come completely off the track.  


The weight of the objects you plan to put in the storage rack is important. The amount of weight the rack can safely hold depends on two things. First, storage systems have suggested manufacturer's weight limits noting the maximum amount of weight the system can support. Next, you want to think about the condition of your ceiling. You have to consider that your ceiling is already supporting the weight of your garage tracks and door.

If your ceiling is constructed from a lightweight material, such as a thin plywood, the additional weight of a heavy storage rack could be too much. Research the structure of your ceiling first. If you exceed the weight of the storage rack or your ceiling's capabilities, you run the risk of the rack falling. In this case, you won't just have expensive garage door repairs, but you will also likely have a fair amount of property and/or car damage.

On your quest to add storage space to your garage, don't damage your garage door in the process. Make certain you are relying on the expertise of a professional.