Protecting Your Home from Burglaries

The United States is the leader in home burglaries with one happening every 15 seconds. This number can be alarming for homeowners. Unfortunately, homeowners can make it very easy for thieves to gain access into their home without even realizing it. As a homeowner, you should be well aware of possible threats to your home and how burglars can gain access into your home. About 30% of all home invasions are considered unlawful entry. This means the burglar did not have to use force to gain entry into the home. Here are some ways to protect your home from thieves.

Secure Your Garage Doors

Hacking is not just for gaining access to your computer or bank account. These days, criminals are able to hack into your garage door code. This means they can open your garage even if it is closed and you have the opener. By hacking your garage door's keypad system, which may be as simple as a child's electronic toy, a burglar can quickly gain access to your garage door's code. If you have a fixed-code garage door system, you will want to change it to a rolling-code system. This type of system prevents thieves from using a radio signal to open your garage door. Ask your local garage door service, like Raynor Door Company, what type of system you have and how to make it more secure.

Watch Your Trash

Junk mail seems to accumulate very quickly for homeowners. Without paying much attention, many of us will simply toss it in the trash to avoid clutter. A lot of this junk mail includes personal information that can be used by thieves to gain access to more of your personal information. In order to avoid this, you want to make sure you take the time to shred all papers that have personal information on them. 

Don't Advertise Your Vacation

Social media is a popular addition to many people's lives. It is a place to share your thoughts, events, and photos. While you are on vacation, you want to be careful about what you post. Should the wrong person find out that your home is unoccupied, this makes it an easy target to be robbed. Don't post pictures of your vacation until you return back home. This will help keep you protected while you are gone. You also want to be sure that your newspaper and mail are picked up while you are gone. Should a thief see that they are not being retrieved, this can signify you have not been home for a while.