Hail Damage And Your Garage Door: What You Need To Know

When your home is exposed to a serious hail storm, you may end up with damaged windows, roof shingles and doors. Your garage door may have significant dents and dings that can leave your garage looking less than beautiful. Here are just a few things you need to know about hail damage and your garage door.

Dents Can Be A Sign Of A Larger Problem

While a few dents on the garage door may seem like a cosmetic issue, more severe hail damage can be a sign of structural damage. If your overhead garage door has large dents, particularly around the frame or at the joints in the door, you may want to have a contractor inspect the door and suggest any necessary repairs or replacement. The door might not function properly, which could cause it to get stuck while you attempt to open or close it. Be sure to get an estimate from your contractor so that you can submit it to your homeowner's insurance carrier if you want to file a claim for the damages.

Not All Damage Is Visible

While you may think of hail damage as just dents and dings, large pieces of hail can also strike your door's hardware. It can impact how your locks function, and it can even damage the hinges on your door. Be sure to inspect your garage door carefully after a storm before attempting to use your garage door opener so you can get a clear idea of the possible damage without causing the garage door opener to get overheated or damaged.

Some Cosmetic Damage Can't Be Repaired

While your contractor may be able to repair small dents, the results of your garage door repair will depend largely on the material that was used to make your door. Insulated garage doors or doors made with multiple layers of metal and foam can be more difficult to reshape after hail damage. Talk to your contractor about whether repair or replacement is the right option for your type of garage door. In some cases, you may be better off with a new door if you want to have a flawless look for the exterior of your home.

Be sure to take pictures of all hail damage to your home and keep records of repair estimates and invoices so that you can file the necessary paperwork with your insurance carrier after a storm. Whether you have cosmetic damage to your garage door or more serious structural issues, addressing the issue quickly will ensure that your garage door looks great and operates smoothly, For more information, consider contacting the professionals at AAA Garage Door, Inc.