Thinking Outside The Box – 4 Home Improvements You Can Make With A Garage Door

When most people think about garage doors, they think only of driving in and out of those doors in the actual garage. But clever homeowners have found that nontraditional use of overhead garage doors can solve space, comfort or style issues in the rest of the house. Here are 4 benefits to any home that can come from smart use of a garage door. 

Versatility. Because sectional garage doors -- which are composed of sections that can roll upward into a track along the ceiling -- require no additional space to swing open or closed, they can be perfect for small work spaces. No additional space is needed to open or close the door, it can be opened or closed to help keep the work space warm or cool and it can provide less or more natural lighting. Art studios, indoor workshops or home media rooms can all benefit from the versatile nature of a traditional garage door entrance. 

Natural Overhangs. Older-style single-panel garage doors swing upward to align horizontally with the ceiling. This type of door provides a natural awning for an outdoor entertainment space. Installing a single-panel door between the living room, for example, and a patio can create an organic bridge between indoor entertaining and outdoor lounging, while providing a sun shade or rain cover at the same time. Be sure to use portable outdoor furnishings, though, which can be moved to allow the door to fully swing.  

Climate Control. When choosing a garage door for use as part of your home or business, be sure to opt for an insulated version to help keep the interior comfortable. But the door itself can help keep things cozy as well. A large sectional door can be opened up partially or fully to allow a breeze to pass through, making the interior rooms cooler.  For a large, open floor plan, a set of overhead doors placed strategically could create a nice cross breeze. This could save a homeowner a lot of money on heating and cooling bills.

Stylishness. A sectional garage door composed of glass can open up a home to natural lighting in a way that rivals only a complete -- and more expensive -- wall of windows. These types of garage door installations work well with a modern style home. Or you could opt for a carriage-style door that swings open like a regular -- albeit very wide -- door, lending the house a classic, traditional air. And both styles make indoor/outdoor entertaining easy and stylish. 

By thinking creatively about the use of various styles of garage doors, you can add value, beauty and usefulness to many spaces inside and around your home