Help! The Garage Door Opener Light Comes On, But Won’t Turn Off!

Garage door openers are a great convenience, but when the light is on and you are ready to retire for the evening, you have a problem. You should look through the owner's manual for a model number and other essential information. It could be something you can fix as a handy person, but some elements may require a trained technician who understands electrical panels and how they should function.

Ground Wires

As time passes, the ground wire could have worked loose, which could be a defective ground at the wall receptacle or the garage door opener motor. Begin by checking the yellow wire between the motor housing and the wall control unit to see if it is loose. Be sure there aren't wires touching at the screw terminal. You might try replacing the yellow wire if all of the connections look good.

The Wall Switch

You need to remove the wall switch and disconnect the wires from it to see if the lights stay on. If they stay on, it is probably the logic board in the door opener. However, if the lights remain off with all of the wires disconnected, you will need to replace the wall switch unit.

The Logic Board

The logic board/receiver board could have a relay that is stuck if the lights stay on when you disconnect the yellow wire from the terminal. Each opener will have a minimum one 100-watt bulb. The board is the brains of the door opener which encompasses the radio frequency (RF) receiver for the control and remote components. Fixing the logic board can be a tricky process and it may be best handled by a professional worker.

Multifunction Door Control Button

If the light won't go off, the multifunction door control button could be pressed down. When engaged, there is a four-and-a-half-minute timer set automatically. You can try to click the light button, and it should turn off the light.

Activated Safety Features

A safety light feature could be triggered if you have entered the garage several times, such as when you are taking items out of the car. This triggers the unit to turn on, making you think it is malfunctioning. It could also be a feature of the unit that has a motion detector. Any time movement or heat registers in the garage area, the light will be triggered.

These are some of the basic reasons your light might be staying on. It is best to begin with the simplest fixes and move on from there. However, if you aren't sure you understand the problem or how to fix it, it is advisable to call in a professional technician for the job. Click here to learn more about garage door repair.