Repairing Issues Your Garage Door May Encounter

Many of the problems that your garage door will experience can result in very noticeable problems for your home. While it is a reality that most homeowners will eventually need to address a variety of routine garage door problems, most individuals are not prepared for these potential issues.

Jammed Rollers

The garage door system will utilize a series of rollers to move the door along the track railing. These rollers are essentially strong wheels that can support the weight of the door as it moves along the railing. Unfortunately, it can be possible for these rollers to become jammed, and this could prevent them from moving. This can significantly decrease the ability of the door to open and close as well as putting a much higher strain on the garage door lift. This can lead to the jammed roller causing significant damage to the motor if it is not addressed quickly.

Faulty Safety Sensors

Your garage door system will utilize safety sensors that can stop the door from closing on people, cars, or other items. However, this can be a part of the system that can experience any number of performance problems and malfunctions. One example of these problems can be dust gathering on the sensors that can prevent them from accurately detecting objects between them. Gently cleaning the sensor should be able to correct this problem if the dust is causing the problem. However, if cleaning it does not correct the sensor malfunction, you may need to have their alignment adjusted, and this may be best left to professional garage door repair services.

Glass Damage

Many garage doors will have windows, and this can be an excellent source of light for the interior garage so that you do not have to use the garage's lighting during the day. However, the windows can suffer damage that may have to be repaired. While the risk of these windows breaking is fairly low, it can be possible for them to develop extensive leaks. These leaks will allow moisture to enter the interior of the garage door and the garage itself. Worn weather stripping is one of the more common reasons for this part of the door to start leaking. Fortunately, replacing this liner is one of the more affordable repairs that your garage door system could require. However, failing to repair this leak can lead to you needing far more expensive repairs and possibly even mold remediation services in the near future.  

Talk to a garage door repair professional for additional help.