5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door May Be Opening By Itself

Automatic garage doors are designed to close and open on your command. Therefore, if you find your garage door open in the morning, there could be underlying issues. This situation can pose a danger to your loved ones and property. At this point, you need to seek the services of an experienced garage door repair technician to fix all the lurking problems. Here are five reasons why your garage door may be opening on its own.

1. Defective remote control

A defective remote control can send the wrong signals to your garage door, causing it to open independently. Typically, a remote control might become faulty when it accidentally falls on the floor. Also, kids can play with this device and damage it in the process. With time, contacts and wires can become loose and wear out. Also, the inner circuit board can suffer damages due to unfavorable conditions. If this is the case, you should call your garage door repair expert to inspect your remote control.

2. Particles and dirt accumulation

Your garage could open back up due to particles and dirt buildup. Essentially, a sensor can detect anything on the path and force the door to open. This sensor is a safety feature that prevents you and your loved ones from getting crushed. You can hire a garage door repair expert to inspect it if rocks, dirt, and other debris are embedded in the opener. That way, you can be safe from any unforeseen accidents that might occur.

3. Damaged electrical circuits

Harsh weather can negatively affect how your garage door operates. For instance, wind and thunderstorms might cause surges and power outages. As a result, these weather conditions can damage electrical circuits. Your garage door may open without warning due to faulty electrical circuits. In such a situation, don't attempt to repair damaged electrical circuits by yourself. Instead, get a professional garage door repair technician. 

4. Overlapping signals

If you have similar codes with your neighbor, you might experience overlapping signals. Typically, your garage door will open by itself once your neighbor opens their garage. You can hire a garage door repair professional to confirm if the problem exists or not. Fortunately, you can change the codes to mitigate this issue.

5. Wrong limit settings

Your garage door has both open and closed limit settings. Things could go wrong if the settings are set incorrectly. For example, your garage could be opening by itself once you've closed it due to wrong settings. If the limits are overly high, the door will hit the ground and reopen. A garage door repair expert can adjust the settings for proper functioning.

The above reasons could be the reason why your garage door keeps opening by itself. When you spot any of the problems, hire a professional garage door repair technician for assistance.