Typical Garage Door Problems That Require Professional Attention

An effective garage door enables you to access your home with sheer simplicity. Besides that, it protects your valuables and family from potential threats. It's no secret that a garage door is always in constant usage. On that account, vital components can tire out due to continued use. At this point, you need garage door repair to restore normal functioning. Here are typical garage door woes that require the attention of a repair expert.

The Door Won't Respond to Commands

Your garage door might fail to open or close due to different reasons. For instance, the remote could be having dead batteries that require a new set. Additionally, a damaged keypad can make your garage door difficult to operate. The following electrical problems also contribute to unresponsiveness:

  • Blown fuse

  • Tripped circuit breaker

  • Motor disconnection from the power supply

The Noise from the Door's Operations is Unbearable

If your garage door creates overly loud noises during operations, there could be something wrong. Here are common sounds your garage can make and their meanings:

  • Popping: This sound signals a loose torsion spring. Lack of lubrication in the springs also causes popping.

  • Rattling: This noise is an indicator of loose screws, nuts, and bolts.

  • Squeaking: Typically, squeaking is a symptom of unlubricated or loose rollers.

Keep in mind that some components such as torsion springs can be dangerous to fix. For this reason, you need a technician to repair them professionally.

The Door Displays Unevenness When Opening

 Your garage door can open or close halfway and stop due to a malfunction. This issue mainly arises when the limits functions fail. These components usually notify the door when to open or shut based on your command.

Besides that, the uneven opening could stem from obstructions within the tracks. Sensors can detect the presence of particles and prevent the door from opening fully. Additionally, your rollers could have suffered extensive corrosion due to improper lubrication. 

The Door Closes Super-Fast

When your garage door drops unusually fast, broken cables or torsion springs could be the culprits. When you ignore this issue, the door could stop working completely. Fortunately, an expert can repair the cables and springs to restore safety.

In addition, a damaged track can cause your garage door to fall rapidly. Remember that door that slams quickly can harm someone or smash your car. Thus, it would be prudent to pay close attention to the garage door to ward off injuries.

The above issues require immediate attention to avert potential accidents and additional damage. So call your garage door repair technician as soon as you notice unfamiliar behavior from your door.