5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door May Be Opening By Itself

Automatic garage doors are designed to close and open on your command. Therefore, if you find your garage door open in the morning, there could be underlying issues. This situation can pose a danger to your loved ones and property. At this point, you need to seek the services of an experienced garage door repair technician to fix all the lurking problems. Here are five reasons why your garage door may be opening on its own. Read More 

Repairing Issues Your Garage Door May Encounter

Many of the problems that your garage door will experience can result in very noticeable problems for your home. While it is a reality that most homeowners will eventually need to address a variety of routine garage door problems, most individuals are not prepared for these potential issues. Jammed Rollers The garage door system will utilize a series of rollers to move the door along the track railing. These rollers are essentially strong wheels that can support the weight of the door as it moves along the railing. Read More