Don’t Let an Overhead Storage System Damage Your Garage Door

If you're like most homeowners, storage space in your garage is probably limited. Finding secure areas to store all your belongings requires a little creativity on your part. A common idea is to install storage units on the ceiling, just above the garage door track. When done right, this is a smart option, but if not, this can lead to costly garage door and property damage. If you're thinking of installing an overhead storage unit in your garage, make certain you know what to consider. Read More 

Choose From These 4 Garage Door Styles

If your current garage door has loose or damaged parts, or you need to replace the entire door, it might be time to think about a different style of door. The following four garage door styles are among the most popular ones to choose from. Traditional Naturally, the first style of garage door is a traditional style. These still look beautiful and work on many types of homes. They work on European house styles, such as Spanish, Tudor and French Country, as well as American house styles like Craftsman, Victorian, Ranch, and Colonial. Read More 

Why You Should Consider Installing Hollow Steel Doors in Your Building

Hollow steel doors are an excellent choice for your commercial building. They offer several advantages over doors made of other materials, and they look good too. Here are some of the reasons you should think about installing these doors. Enhanced Security Steel doors offer some of the best security you can get. This is important for your commercial operation. You can have peace of mind the doors will protect your building against intruders as well as possible. Read More 

Three Ways To Improve Your Garage As A First Time Home Buyer

As you move from a condo into a home, there are many things that you haven't experienced before. One of the things is having a garage of your own. Because owning and maintaining a garage is something new, it can be a challenge to do at first. Nevertheless, with a little knowledge and a few improvements, you can quickly improve your garage and make sure that everything is in good working order. Read More 

An Inexperienced Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing A New Garage Door

It is highly likely that the garage door you have in your home was in place when you bought it and may have been a fixture for many years, especially since their life expectancy can be as much as 30 years. Because of this fact, buying a garage door is not something you will have to do on a regular basis. Therefore, the process is bound to come along with some questions. Read More